Quick tip - Readable ternary operation

28 April 2013

You are certainly used to ternary operations in JavaScript, you know, those things you frequently use as a shortcut instead of a if statement:

var sky = summer ? 'blue' : 'grey';

Short, readable. Good.

But what if we got more complex conditions ?

var sky = spring ? 'lightblue' : summer ? 'blue' : fall ? 'lightgrey' : 'grey';

Still short, but it start to be much less readable and difficult to understand at first sight.

So, we can indent our code to keep this readable.

var sky =
    spring ? 'lightblue' :
    summer ? 'blue'      :
    fall   ? 'lightgrey' :

Haaaa, much better. We can easily see here our conditions and values while keeping the code quite short.

Has a general rule:

var [variable] =
    [condition 1] ? [value 1] :
    [condition 2] ? [value 2] :
    [fallback value]

But, do you really need to do a complex ternary operation ? ;)

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